From Kolín to the Olympics or Čičina’s 2020

19.03.2021 | A short summary of the successes to date of the young cyclist Jana Czeczinkarová during the 2020 race season
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During my first year in the elite category, I managed to become one of the best Czech racers and as such I was nominated for the October race program, specifically for the World Cup race in Nové Město na Moravě and the World and European Championships in the Olympic discipline of cross-country. My victory in the Championships of the Czech Republic in the discipline of the marathon also means that I will represent the Czech Republic at the World Championships in Turkey.

During 2020, I was also able to establish the Liv Mistral Cycling Club, where I found the necessary peace and quiet to prepare for the 2021 Olympics and the general facilities that I need for this individual sport. At the same time, I also acquired new experience in the area of managerial activities and I expanded the group of people around me who support on my journey through elite sport. I would like to highlight just some of the successes and milestones that have been important this year.

The first pre-Covid races – The pairs stage race in Cyprus

I was one of the few racers who managed to get in a race before the outbreak of the pandemic. My teammate Karla Štěpánová and I entered the CYPRUS SUNSHINE EPIC pairs stage race in order to gain some positive points in our Olympic rankings. We finished the race in eighth place; we were somewhat unlucky with two punctures, but we did well given the competition that was there.

The first starter’s gun – the NOVA CUP race in Hradec Králové

The break without any races was long and I could hardly wait for racing to begin again. The first race prepared for us was in Hradec Králové under the banner of the series of Nova Cup marathon races. Only 300 of us were able to start and we all wore face masks until the very last moment before the start. I like recalling that moment, as I knew that everything was going to be alright from then on. I won the race and it was an excellent start to the racing season and the very first victory for the LIV MISTRAL CYCLING team.

Three Czech Cup races - Město Touškov - Zadov - Brno

Usually, there are five races in the Czech Cup. This year, however, there were only three, but they were great! All of these races were attended by international competition, because there were strict restrictions in the other countries and no races were being held there. At Touškov, I managed to finish third and pass a number of top international racers. There were more international racers at Zadov and it was like a kind of mini World Cup. I finished twelfth there. The last Czech Cup race was in Brno. This was probably my best race of the season. I finished in fifth place amongst the international field was once again first among the Czech racers. I appreciate this finish the most, because I had a fall after the start and was still able to get back up to fifth position.

The title of Czech Women’s Marathon Champion - Dolní Morava 114 km – 7 hours - 4000 climbed metres

The Championship of the Czech Republic in the marathon was probably the hardest race of my life from the point of view of its length, distance and elevation. It is completely different to a cross-country race, but I believed in myself thanks to my good condition and stamina and I had also prepared for it carefully. I was not looking to win, because it was a difficult hilly race and I am not a marathon specialist, but I showed that I have mental and physical stamina I was nominated for the World Championships in Turkey at the very end of the season and thanks to this success.

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