Below we present the list of technologies owned by ELMTRADE SE and provided by it to the customers. If you are interested in our services, you are welcome to contact us.

Laser cutting
We perform laser cutting on the latest new generation machine - TRUMPH TruLaser Fiber. The tolerance of the laser head TruDisk 3001 is ± 0.05 mm.

Sheet metal hole punching technology
CNC machine: TRUMPH Trumatic - metal sheet hole punching technology on the TRUMPH Trumatic punching machine. The tolerance of the punching machine is ± 0.05 mm.

Bending technology
Our TRUMPH, HACO, SAFAN, and other machines perform sheet metal bending using the maximum force of 135 t.

In our production, we use 11 eccentric presses of the tonnages of 10 t, 25 t, 40 t, 100 t, and 160 t.

For degreasing the parts before the assembly, coating and packing in our production, we use the SUMMA chamber degreasing machine.

Elements impression
Impression of elements is done on two modern HAEGER 618 machines of 6 tons of pressing force, or on the eccentric presses.

N10/40S pneumatic riveting machine.

We use all welding methods - MIG / MAG / TIG / point welding, etc.

We perform assembling the final product assemblies according to the documentation for our customers, including electric installations, for which we are able to obtain the CE certification.

In a single facility we provide three types of coating. More information on the offer of Coating...

Other surface treatment types
Through our renowned suppliers, who we regularly audit in order to guarantee the quality of their supplies, we can provide all other types of surface treatment, such as galvanizing, zinc, chrome, and nickel plating, metallizing, anodizing, passivation, screen printing, or ballotini blasting.

Quality Control
Our standard is to manufacture the products in the highest possible quality to satisfy our customers. The quality control is done by our Quality Department, which cooperates with quality experts and regularly participates in quality training.

We have been awarded the ISO 9001 certification that, together with our well-approved production procedures and the experience of our team, grants high quality of the products or integrated solutions which we supply.
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